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Prospectus' work with membership bodies. 

Successful membership bodies bring real benefits to their members, communities and society through facilitating learning, informing debate and influencing policy.

Membership organisations are key in ensuring their members are successful in an ever changing external environment. Being valuable to their members is a never ending and exciting challenge, which sees organisations creating integrated, innovative and inspiring approaches to enhance their members’ continued engagement.

Whether this comes through a new digital approach, improving user experience for changing demographics or developing multi- generational engagement strategies, having the talent with the expertise, insight and understanding is essential.

At Prospectus our consultants are experts in sourcing candidates from any sector, with placements coming from across the private, public and beyond profit sectors. Our team members work on a non-commission basis, which means our focus is not on the amount of placements we make, but on placing the right talent in the right organisation.

We recruit for permanent, temporary and contract roles, from general administration up to officer or management level, and will always work in partnership with you to find talent matched with your culture, mission and values.

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