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Community Foundations

Community Foundations hold a unique position in the beyond profit sector, fostering the relationship between funders and local charities with the aim of bringing communities together, funding great ideas and inspiring local philanthropy.

The ability to fund system change, champion local philanthropy at a national level, be catalysts for innovation and support essential local services makes their funding approach and insight truly unique and hugely impactful.

To be a truly effective funder not only requires great systems, but talented, knowledgeable and empathetic people who bring a clear understanding of the grant making process, in addition to a contextual local knowledge and an understanding of service delivery and impact.  

We have a strong track record of working with the network of Community Foundations across the UK, as well as the umbrella membership body, UK Community Foundation. In addition to this, we have worked with numerous Trusts, Foundations and other grant making organisations.

This experience has equipped us with a profound understanding of the needs, challenges and opportunities faced by grant makers across the UK and has resulted in a well-developed and substantial network of candidates with specific experience in grant making, project and programme design and fundraising in addition to the essential specialist local knowledge needed to transition into the Community Foundation network.

Our track record

  • Community Foundation for Surrey - Chief Executive
  • East End Community Foundation - Development Director
  • East End Community Foundation - Team Administrator
  • East End Community Foundation - Finance and Operations Manager
  • East End Community Foundation - Grants Officer
  • Heart Of Bucks Community Foundation - Chief Executive
  • Hertfordshire Community Foundation - Foundation Director
  • MK Community Foundation - Chief Executive
  • Oxfordshire Community Foundation - Project Manager - OCF Strategic Programmes
  • Sussex Community Foundation - Grants Programme Manager
  • Sussex Community Foundation - Development Manager
  • Sussex Community Foundation - Grants Officer
  • Sussex Community Foundation - Philanthropy Manager
  • The Community Foundation in Wales - Chief Executive
  • The Heart Of England Community Foundation - Fund Development Director
  • The London Community Foundation - Director of Development and Donor Care
  • The London Community Foundation - Chief Executive
  • The London Community Foundation - Director of Finance and Resourcing
  • The London Community Foundation - Interim Director of Programmes (Grants)
  • The London Community Foundation - Senior Programme Manager
  • The London Community Foundation - Director of Programmes (Grants)
  • UK Community Foundations - Chief Executive
  • UK Community Foundations - Membership Manager
  • UK Community Foundations - Head of Development
  • UK Community Foundations - Head of External Affairs
  • UK Community Foundations - Head of Finance and Administration
  • UK Community Foundations - Director of Programmes and Operations
  • UK Community Foundations - Communications Officer
  • UK Community Foundations - Membership Manager
  • Worcestershire Community Foundation - Development Director

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