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grant making

At Prospectus, our passion is building society’s shared human capital through finding the best talent from all sectors of the economy to lead impactful grant making and social investment organisations. We have built a wealth of experience working across philanthropy with a wide range of funders, from multi-million pound national or global funders through to very small place-based organisations with annual expenditures under a million.

Our clients include endowment led family foundations through to community, corporate and statutory funders. We have appointed a wide range of roles from entry level through to senior Director, Chief Executive and Board appointments. This experience has allowed us to build an outstanding network of talent coupled with a deep understanding of the wide variety of opportunities and challenges different organisations face and current trends across the sector – from participatory and total asset approaches through to diversity and transparency. Importantly, we understand how to match the right talent to the range of different funders.

We know that funders and their approach can vary dramatically, so no two appointments are ever the same. Our experienced consultants and in-house research team have the grant making sector understanding, knowledge and extensive networks to offer our clients a bespoke recruitment solution. We have experience of attracting and securing candidates for grant making roles from across the funding sector and beyond, including front line organisations, financial services and consulting in the private sector.

We also know that the assessment of a candidate’s key skills, values and approach is imperative to a successful appointment; strong strategic or analytical skills with an ability to interpret and resolve complex information quickly and succinctly. Alongside any technical abilities, candidates should bring excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills, a high degree of emotional intelligence and diplomacy plus strong leadership and team working skills to build and maintain relationships with a wide group of stakeholders across the funding and voluntary sectors.

Across Prospectus, we have worked with over 180 grant makers, making over 3,000 placements in temporary, contract or permanent appointments over the years. The list below is a demonstration of some of our more recent track record.

If you would like any further information, please email Ami Jenick or Robert Payne or call 020 7691 1920.