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Our candidate pledge

At Prospectus we are values driven and outcomes focused. We are excited about placing great talent in some of the most exciting opportunities in the Beyond Profit sector. Our aim is that your experience of engaging with Prospectus will be supportive, efficient and helpful.

Because we know that your career is important and changing jobs can be exciting, as well as stressful, we aim to build a strong and long lasting relationship which is open, transparent and respectful.

To support this aim, we at Prospectus pledge to:

  • Ensure you always feel welcome
  • Promote inclusive recruitment and our commitment to diversity
  • Listen to your requirements , providing you clear and appropriate advice based on our experience
  • Communicate clearly, providing accurate and helpful information
  • Maintain contact with you within agreed timeframes
  • Match your skills and experience to suitable opportunities
  • Give you feedback whenever we can
  • Listen to your feedback and act on it to make improvements when appropriate
  • Respect your privacy by ensuring your details are handled appropriately

Our goal is to review all CVs that are sent to us, whether for registration or for a specific role, and respond to you within agreed timescales. Please bear in mind that we sometimes experience high peaks of activity.

As this is a two sided relationship what we ask of you is that you:

  • Be honest with us
  • Stay in contact with us – including informing us if you are no longer looking for a new role
  • Be prepared for any interviews or tests that are arranged
  • Be presentable and punctual when you attend an interview 
  • Please do not contact an organisation directly – that’s what we’re here for
  • Don’t be afraid to ask us questions – we are here to help!

We hope this is the beginning of a long standing relationship between you and us, supporting the beyond profit sector together.