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Trustees Week

Prospectus is proud to support Trustees Week in embedding good governance in the beyond profit sector.

To be a Trustee of an organisation is an exciting and fulfilling role. The most effective Boards are ones which benefit from individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. 

However, for many charities finding and recruiting the right people for Board positions is a significant challenge. This is why we support the Charity Commission, and other partner organisations, with this important annual event.

Trustees Week promotes diversity and accessibility on charity boards, as well highlighting how it can impact on an individual’s personal and professional development.

You can find a roundup of all our activities, events and resources in support of Trustees Week below and you can find further information our board recruitment services here.

  • We have produced model Job Descriptions, Person Specifications and interview questions and a Board Skills Audit to help guide and inform organisations in implementing good governance.
  1. Chair
  2. Treasurer
  3. Trustee
  4. Final Panel Interview Questions
  5. Board Skills Audit
  • Prospectus is proud to be a key partner in the inaugural Charity Governance Awards – the new UK awards that recognise and reward good charity governance. The awards are being organised and funded by The Clothworkers’ Company, a City Livery company that supports trusteeship initiatives and supported by New Philanthropy CapitalReach and Prospectus.
  • Our CEO, David Gold, was interviewed for an article in the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network focusing on how serving as a Trustee can aid your professional development.
  • Borge Andreassen, our Director of Executive Search, wrote an article discussing how diversity leads to more professional boards.
  • We have produced Trustee profiles on all of our staff who serve as Trustees, asking them important questions about what motivates them, and what value they add and take away from their role on the board.
  1. Peter Beeby - Deputy CEO
  2. Borge Andreassen - Director of Executive Search