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The Good Merger Guide

We launched The Good Merger Guide as a practical, logical and succinct guide which is offered as a free resource, for any charity or civil society organisation looking to explore a pathway to a successful merger

Our CEO David Gold is passionate about demystifying the process of merger and exploring the opportunities for offering an improved service for the beneficiaries of merged organisations.

“From my first engagement in the sector there have been endless debates about the drivers for mergers; primarily negative. Many see a merger of two organisations as a survival tactic, yet it can be the greatest opportunity, notably for the clients of the combined entity.”

Delivered in partnership with Eastside Primetimers and authored by recently retired Prospectus Associate Richard Gutch, the Guide is based on Richard’s extensive experience in the voluntary sector, managing the merger of three separate not for profit organisations into Disability Rights UK as well as numerous interviews of other organisations and sector leaders who have gone through the process.

The Guide received widespread publicity across Third Sector Magazine; Civil Society UK; NAVCA newsletter; 2013 Charity Merger Survey and even as far as New Zealand where it currently features on the website for the Ministry of Social Development.

A copy of The Good Merger Guide can be downloaded here at no charge. 

The Good Merger Guide
The Good Merger Guide