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Prospectus is proud to support Charityworks - the UK beyond profit sector's graduate programme.

Beyond profit organisations deal with some of society’s most complex issues. To drive social impact and tackle these challenges requires a committed and diverse talent stream to bring the people, skills and experience to deliver that change.

Prospectus is proud to support Charityworks - the UK beyond profit sector's graduate programme, open to all charities wanting to find great graduate talent in an affordable way. They recruit talented graduates from UK universities, receiving over 5,500 applications each year, to undertake a 12-month real role at a beyond profit organisation, and deliver an acclaimed leadership development programme contextualised to the sector.

Over the past decade Charityworks have recruited and developed a wealth of graduate talent, making an impact at over 200 organisations across the sector. 96% of clients would recommend Charityworks to other organisations.

Designed to be accessible to beyond profit organisations regardless of size, profile or activity, Charityworks is a proven, affordable way to find and develop brilliant graduate talent for your organisation. 96% of organisations describe Charityworks as good value for money.

As a recognised Times Top 100 graduate employer, Charityworks’ aim is to support the development of a sector better able to serve the people, causes and communities that rely on it. 100% of Charityworks clients said their trainees at their organisations have had a positive impact on the organisation's ability to serve its beneficiaries.

You can find out more about Charityworks here.