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| Posted by: Prospectus

Short term placements for long term impact

Organisations in the beyond profit sector are driven by the impact they deliver, which often results in their capacity becoming stretched. Recruiting talented individuals immediately when working in what can often be a high pressure and demanding environment can be an immense challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Temporary recruitment is a fundamental solution that enables organisations to continue to succeed and benefit the causes they work to support.

Whilst we recognise the importance and impact that short term recruitment can have, others may not, which is why our consultants work to dispel this, making sure that we put as much time, energy, care and thought into all of our recruitment processes. Working across a wide variety of different functions and specialisms, including higher education, frontline and core operational functions, all of our consultants work towards the same aim: to find the right talent for the right organisation. Over the past 12 months we have filled 707 temporary assignments, whilst always ensuring our approach is consistent with Prospectus’ values. Our candidates are certainly not just there to fill a space.

The quality and success of this approach is evidenced by the achievement of 35 temp to perm conversions across 26 unique organisations. Furthermore, as the majority of our candidates are seeking permanent work in London, these conversions can literally be life changing. We don’t want our clients to have to just settle, which is why we strive to offer transformational recruitment at all levels.

As this case study shows, our positive temporary engagement can hold real long lasting impact.

The journey for our temporary worker started in January 2014 when they were placed as a Reception Services Team Leader. Recognising her skills and experience the organisation offered her a permanent position a couple of months later. Continuing her career, the candidate was promoted to Operations Manager in 2015 and then again to Head of Student Services in 2016 where she was responsible for a staff team of 40. Due to this blossoming relationship, we are now the preferred supplier to the departments and are regularly recommended throughout the organisation.

If you want to have a confidential discussion about our strategic recruitment processes you can contact Hayden Scott here.