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| Posted by: David Gold

Prospectus – Non-Executive Director appointments

We are really delighted and excited to announce the appointment of Fudia Smartt and Steph Cutler as NEDs at Prospectus. We look forward to their contribution to our future success through their experiences, knowledge and indeed in challenging our thinking whilst embracing our values of Community, Collaboration and Trust.
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| Posted by: Olivia Martin

Dallaglio RugbyWorks appoints new Chief Executive

Prospectus is pleased to announce that Dallaglio RugbyWorks has appointed Jason Worthy as their new Chief Executive.
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| Posted by: Prospectus

Prospectus is pleased to be supporting National Campaigner Awards 2020

Each year, SMK celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners – whether working locally or nationally, and from individuals and community groups to people working in large organisations
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| Posted by: Andy Tonner

Sufina Ahmad appointed as new Director at John Ellerman Fund

Prospectus is delighted to announce that the John Ellerman Fund has appointed Sufina Ahmad as its new Director.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

UK Youth appoints new Chief Executive

Prospectus is delighted to have partnered with UK Youth to appoint their new Chief Executive, Ndidi Okezie. We would like to congratulate Ndidi on her appointment.
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