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why choose Prospectus?

This is a hugely exciting time to join Prospectus, with consistently strong years of growth we are continuing to grow our business and build on our incredibly strong reputation.

So why would you want to work at Prospectus? Hopefully you already know that you want to work in recruitment (but if you’re not sure yet, you can find out more about what’s involved in being a Recruitment Consultant here) but why choose Prospectus?

Well because we think we’re a bit different.

Our consultants don’t work on individual commission and they love working collaboratively. They are not motivated by making a quick fix – they build relationships, establish partnerships and get to know their clients in-depth to properly understand their priorities and needs.

What they are motivated by is the opportunity to learn every day, to drive their own careers and development and by their belief in their power to impact the amazing organisations that we work with across the beyond profit sector.

Our clients include a broad range of charities, social enterprises, universities, arts bodies, membership organisations and museums and our consultants are encouraged to develop their own specialisms in areas that really interest them. They are fully immersed in the beyond profit sector, and their understanding of it is fully supported through comprehensive internal and external training, networking events and through volunteering and mentoring.

This is also a hugely exciting time to join Prospectus, as we work together to grow the business and build on the incredibly strong reputation we’ve already developed. It’s a chance for you to make your mark on a forward-thinking, high-impact organisation as we work with our clients to meet new challenges and opportunities in the beyond profit sector.

Team members who ran 10K for charity
Team members who ran 10K for charity