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being a recruitment consultant

What does a Recruitment Consultant at Prospectus do?

Our consultants do what is known as 360 recruitment. This means that they handle the whole recruitment process from start to finish. They spend a lot of the time on the phone and meeting people from across the beyond profit sector in person, constantly building their networks.

From these networks they are able to source vacancies to work on. These might be temporary or permanent roles; they might be with small, local organisations or huge international ones. They might be with clients who have an immediate, urgent need or they might be with ones who want to take their time because they’re not sure what kind of person they actually need.

Whatever the role or the organisation though, the Recruitment Consultant is working in partnership with the client. They may be supporting them to build the job description from scratch and advising on salary. They will definitely be writing the advert copy and screening the applicants that apply. They will also be reaching out to their candidate networks to guage interest in the role there.

But where do these candidate networks come from? The consultants of course! Alongside building client relationships, consultants are also constantly meeting and assessing candidates for registration on our database.  They have fantastic people skills and spend as much time learning from our candidates as they do our clients!

It’s a busy role and does come with targets but it’s also an exciting role with so much going on. Join us!


Talent Attraction Team at the RAD Awards
Talent Attraction Team at the RAD Awards