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Chair of the Finance Committee and Trustees

Established in 2001, UnLtd believes that individuals possess the potential to make positive change in the world. Since its foundation, the organisation has achieved many remarkable results on its journey to build an ecosystem where social entrepreneurs can find the right support to start up and thrive.

Ambitious to build on its achievements, UnLtd was entering a two year period where a number of its Trustees would be coming towards the end of their maximum terms of office. These included some specific and important roles including its Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair, Trustees who provide strategy and organisational development skills, and individuals with the experience, skills and expertise to enhance their ability to operationalise its new ambitions and strengthen its impact.  UnLtd was also interested in hearing from individuals with strategic and corporate communications experience to help position its brand, mainly on a “business to business” model.

Prospectus was successful in appointing a total of five new members to the Board over the past 12 months: Ruth Dobson, a former partner at PwC and Finance Director at Solar Aid, Sue Charteris a former Committee Member at BIG England, Nicholas Farhi, a Partner at a firm of international strategy consultants, Prof. Nick Petford, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Northampton and Mary Pollard, Practice Director at Brands4Life, an integrated strategic communications agency.