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grant making

Funders have a privileged position within the beyond profit sector, with the ability to inspire innovation and progression, and to support organisations to deliver systemic change for individuals, communities and society. This unique position comes with the immense challenge of the scale of demand for these resources.

Funders expect impact from the beyond profit organisation they place their money with. All will achieve impact to a more or lesser extent, but understanding, explaining and proving this impact has become more challenging over the years. This is a growing area within the sector, requiring talented people who can bring together an empathetic understanding of impact together with a clear understanding of helpful metrics - something that is critical to the success of the funding sector.

Many funders have an impact that goes above and beyond the sum of their grants and investments, acting as conveners, breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration and best practice amongst their stakeholders.

Regardless of the scope, scale or mission, to be truly effective, fair and supportive requires not only great systems and processes, but most importantly talented people.

At Prospectus we have a wealth of experience working with a wide range of public, private and charitable funders on senior Director and Chief Executive appointments. This range of experience gives us an understanding of the wide variety of opportunities and challenges impact investing organisations face, and so our focus is to find the right talent for the right organisation at the right time.

If you would like any further information, please email Ami Jenick or call 020 7691 1920.

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