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Chief Executive

The Foyer Federation develops innovative and transformational ways of working with young people who are struggling to unlock their potential due to homelessness and unemployment. They pilot, test and replicate programmes and use the learning to create campaigns that challenge policy and decision makers to make more positive, effective and longer-term investment. Advantaged Thinking is a core principle for all their work; it focuses on using the advantages we possess as humans – our assets, talents, resources and abilities – to create the conditions for a society in which everyone can thrive.

The Foyer Federation has re-focused their model, ensuring it remains relevant, responds to the changing needs of young people and enables services to become more financially sustainable. They are also ambitious to continue building an Advantaged Thinking movement, convening leaders and likeminded organisations that are keen to unleash young people’s strengths, skills and abilities.

Our Chief Executive search was primarily focused in the youth, education, homeless and wider social care space. Bringing strong strategic and commercial acumen and the ability to lead an organisation operating in a complex and constantly evolving environment, The Foyer Federation also wanted their new Chief Executive to be highly ambassadorial with outstanding communication skills, allowing them to influence and build impactful campaigns and partnerships. It would be essential they evidence a strong personal commitment to The Foyer Federation’s values, mission and philosophy; in short they would be an advantaged thinker!

Prospectus is delighted to announce that Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa has been appointed and takes up the role in February 2017. Tokunbo was Founder and Managing Director of Catch 22 Magazine CIC, a social enterprise that trained young diverse media talent to become multimedia communicators and content providers. He went on to lead GoThinkBig, a national award winning social action initiative, and most recently was Head of Innovation at Bauer Academy​. Trustees were excited by his commitment to innovation and his passion for transforming opportunities for young people across the Foyer network and beyond.