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| Posted by: Andy Tonner

Thinking about leaving recruitment until September?

Thinking about leaving recruitment until September? 

The summer is an awful time to attract candidates isn’t it?

Actually, we think the summer has become a great time to recruit!

Social media gives constant visibility and is a powerful tool for attracting candidates. With the influx of graduates into the recruitment marketplace and the opportunity to have your talent pipeline in place at the start of September – why wouldn’t you start your recruitment process over the summer?! 

To help you think creatively we have shared some of our learning and research on summer recruitment below.

1. More visibility for your brand

If you think the summer isn’t a good time to recruit – you aren’t alone. That means that a lot of your competitors will be scaling back on recruitment marketing, giving you a unique opportunity to raise your visibility and employer profile to attract the best candidates.


2. Candidates have more time on their hands

The summer always sees a slow down in business activity and productivity. Line managers are on leave, sign off on key projects can get held up and this can impact on the wider marketplace.

This means candidates will have more free time, be easier to approach and be open to spend time considering and applying for a new role. You may also be able to engage passive candidates through social media.


3. #recruitment

Take advantage of posting your job opportunities on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or leveraging media packages that involve a social media element.

Summer is an especially "hot" time for social media. Research from Facebook shows that over the summer Facebook mobile postings increase by 26%. If you think it is all about a younger demographic you would be wrong. Facebook mobile posts can grow by 23% in people aged 18-44 and 33% in people aged 45+!

This is a brilliant time to leverage sponsored Facebook posts and get your job opportunity in front of people browsing the web over the summer months.


4. Schools out for summer

Do you remember finishing studying and looking for your first role? The market will be seeing a fresh influx of eager, energetic and ambitious talent entering the marketplace. 

This makes it an especially ideal time to recruit to entry level roles and bring some of that energy and new talent into your organisation.


5. September talent pipeline

September is always a busy month in recruitment. Everyone is back from leave, the wheels and cogs grind back to life and the market will be flooded with roles and opportunities.

This makes it harder for your job to stand out. Be smart, get ahead of the market and attract candidates over the summer so you have interviews lined up for September.