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| Posted by: Liri Ahmeti

My experience as a Prospectus Trainee

I started at Prospectus seven months ago, and spent the first six months of that as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant on the fundraising team. In that time, and due to the help of a great team, in particular the supportive management, I have grown in confidence and feel increasingly comfortable in my role as a specialist consultant for the charity sector.

I decided to look into a recruitment career following a temporary role I had in the charity sector. I knew that I really wanted a career that made an impact but was unsure of my next step, so, I reached out to a few recruiters. In my interactions with different recruiters, I was impressed with how helpful each one was in terms of guiding me to suitable roles, or providing me with additional information to help me with my search such as CV and interview tips.

I came across Prospectus while looking for beyond profit recruiters and really liked the fact that they are a non-commission organisation, which means they help people into roles for something other than financial gain, this really appealed to me so I applied and got the role!

I began my training by shadowing a colleague in my team, who I was line managed by during my traineeship and saw how caring, knowledgeable and helpful she was to the clients and the candidates she was working with. I was introduced to aspects of the role at a steady but comfortable pace and felt that my learning of the operations and day-to-day tasks never felt overwhelming. I was encouraged to ask questions, which was great because I had lots! The whole team were happy to answer them and I never felt like I was putting someone out of their way when I needed help, which at the beginning was also quite a lot.

Throughout my training, I had the opportunity to attend several workshops to find out about the wider aspects of the business which also introduced me to our values; collaboration, community and trust.

The regular meetings with my line manager, and my team leader,  were very helpful for keeping my progress on track, as well as finding out the best ways to develop into a fully fledged Recruitment Consultant, which I’m happy to say I now am!

I am really enjoying the fact that I am still learning, which is due to the variety of roles we get, as well as being a people facing role for client and candidates.. Work in a collaborative, community focused organisation that is built on trust, makes my role even more exciting! Onwards and upwards!

We are looking for new Trainees now. Go to www.prospect-us-trainee.co.uk for full details of our Programme.