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| Posted by: Andy Tonner

Google Hire – from job board integration to applicant tracking

Google Hire has recently launched in the US and at some point in the near future it will launch in the UK. Will Google have a transformative impact when it enters the UK marketplace? We wanted to share our research on Google Hire and offer some insight into what it is and how it works, as well as suggesting some areas you might want to consider in the lead up to its launch.



What is it?

As with any talent attraction product the ultimate purpose is to connect job seekers with vacancies.

When you enter a search into Google Hire (for example, “Fundraising Job London” or “Job Near Me”) you will be provided with a list of vacancies that match your search query. You will be able to save jobs, have them arrive in your inbox and set up job alerts. You will even be able to use wider features to plan your route for an interview (Google Maps) or see ratings for that company (Google +). There will also be the usual search filters such as industry and salary and the ability to redirect to the source of the job advert – most likely a job board.

Beyond job vacancies, Google Hire currently displays additional features such as applicant tracking, candidate discovery and the ability to transfer legacy data (dump all your current data into the new Google platform). More to follow once further details are released!



How will it work?

The vacancies that appear on Google Hire will be indexed jobs, similar to how Indeed generates vacancies, that are driven (or you may have heard the term scraped!) from sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Career Builder and Madgex. This is a mixture of social media sites, standalone job boards and white label job board products. Not every job board will currently integrate but you can expect to see more added over time.

What does it mean?

Will Google Hire will have an impact on how we recruit and attract candidates? Only time will tell but if Google Hire follows the wider Google business model (and we expect it will) then in time the job results that appear in front of candidates will be affected by paid vs. organic results; essentially, if you want your advert to appear at the top you will need to put a pay per click budget in place.

This in turn may impact how job boards adapt. Most job boards operate on a pay per advert basis (such as Charity Job/Guardian/Third Sector) whereas Indeed is the main job board that operates on a pay per click model. It will be interesting to see how job boards will adapt and innovate to leverage Google Hire in their recruitment packages.

Another change could apply to adverts. An advert should always be well structured and well written – a good recruiter wants to ensure a candidate can easily interpret the role and make it seem attractive to candidates. In the future recruiters will want to consider how attractive the advert is for the candidate and for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  It is taking the same principles for web content and applying them to job adverts.



What should I be doing now?

Right now there is no immediate impact to job adverts in the UK, but it would be sensible to start to build your understanding of Google Hire so when it does launch you are well prepared rather than playing catch up!

Firstly, what candidate attraction channels do you use to recruit at the moment – does your current job board platform or ATS integrate with Google Hire in the US? This will give you an indication of your level of integration when it does launch in the UK.

Develop your confidence and understanding of how wider Google products work, such as Adwords, so you will have the option to apply them to recruitment. 

You may want to review your own Google page, look at reviews people have given your organisation and then start to build a strategy to increase your rating – in 12 months it could be something that candidates are building into their decision-making process.

If you want to know more you could look at the links below, and of course if you want to pick our brains about Google Hire, feel free to get in touch!


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