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| Posted by: Guest Article

Why I advocate using specialists for recruiting Fundraisers

As fundraising plays an increasingly significant role within the sector, the profession is becoming ever more competitive. The demand for talented fundraisers is growing and as investments are made into new revenue streams, organisations recognise the need to diversify funding.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

CEO Responsibilities and Characteristics

The chief executive is critical to an organisation’s success. She or he leads on strategy, sets the tone and cultural framework, and is more often than not the main external voice. In the beyond profit sector this ambassadorial piece is particularly important as charities are often speaking on behalf of people who are otherwise invisible or unheard.
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I’ve been recruiting fundraisers for nearly four years now for a range of organisations including Tate, London Business School, Science Museum, Macmillan and Oxbridge Colleges and it has often surprised me that more development professionals don’t look to transfer their experience into a different cause, because when it happens it often yields mutually beneficial results for both parties.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

A chief executives first 100 days

Every year the Executive Search Practice at Prospectus recruits a significant number of chief executives for a wide range of organisations in the beyond profit sector. Through this rich experience and unique insight we continue to see how important the first 100 days of a new chief executive’s tenure with an organisation is; that is why we are so pleased to support the second edition of The Chief Executive’s First 100 Days.
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| Posted by: David Gold

Beyond Profit - Just Spin?

What are these incredible terms; Not for Profit, Third Sector, Civil Society? Are they appropriate? Do they create a picture of the sector we work in?
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