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| Posted by: Guest Article

The importance of succession planning

As the saying goes, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry - but the importance of succession planning should never be underestimated.
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| Posted by: Guest Article

People Strategy at Citizens Advice

12-months since speaking at our HR Breakfast we catch up with Steve Whitehead, Director of People and Equality at Citizens Advice. Last November Citizens Advice began a bold, hands-on approach to transform how they recruit, manage, develop and support their people, with particular emphasis on creating a culture that supports positive transformational change. A tall order for any organisation, but somewhat ambitious for one with over 6,500 staff, 3,300 offices and 22,000 volunteers. 12-months on we interviewed Steve Whitehead to see whether their unique approach is paying dividends and learn about the journey so far.
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| Posted by: David Gold

The Morality of Charity

I was recently asked to give a talk at CASS as part of a one day discussion on “the morality of charity.” Inevitably much of the talk was around funding and the embedded and differing relationships between the funders and the funded. I thought I would try to capture that part of my talk into a short piece, partly to help me get a little clarity.
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| Posted by: Guest Article

Candidate ‘Packed’

Recruiting staff is invariably expensive whatever channel you use, be it recruitment advertising, social media and the internet, recruitment consultancy or pure ‘Search’. Attracting interest from quality candidates and engaging with them effectively requires a significant investment of time, money and resources.
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| Posted by: Guest Article

Board Skills Audit

A high performing Board plays an important role in ensuring that an organisation is truly great and impactful in every activity, programme or service that it delivers. The Prospectus Board Skills Audit has been developed, to support this role, as a self-assessment exercise and tool that can be used by both Trustees and Executive Teams to help determine the strengths and potential areas of improvement for your Board.
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