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| Posted by: David Gold

Carlos Miranda – a Jedi Knight?

Since 2011, I.G. Advisors has supported a wide range of individuals and organisations on their social impact journeys. Carlos is the Founder and CEO of I.G. Advisors and has worked with a wide variety of philanthropists, foundations, companies, charities and social enterprises. Interviewed by Prospectus CEO, David Gold, Carlos answers a range of questions covering data and impact, relationships between funders and organisations, and the value and perception of fundraising – as well as what I.G. Advisors learned from Star Wars.
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It’s funny, if someone had of suggested I write a piece on this subject even a couple of years ago I would have refused on the grounds that I was certainly too young to fully understand the ‘real-life’ issues facing our elderly, much less the implications of providing quality care for them. Fast-forward 18-months past my big ‘50’, and add a widowed mother with rapidly progressing Dementia and complex care needs to the equation, I guess my own ‘tomorrow’ has arrived. Now I feel ready, and at least partly-qualified, to consider what for many people from younger generations is still a demographic time-bomb we can think about addressing in the future. But here’s the ‘rub’, to use another well-worn quote – The future is closer than you think.
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| Posted by: Guest Article

Employment Law Update: Changes to Family Rights

2015 has brought significant changes to family rights including the introduction of Shared Parental Leave. Jane Klauber of Russell-Cooke LLP summarises the developments in this area.
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| Posted by: Guest Article

Getting the right people on board

'Getting the right people on board' can be found in Grant Thornton's charity governance review 'Navigating a changing world' which provides practical advice on how to disclose good governance.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

Building Great Beyond Profit Leadership Teams

At a recent dinner I hosted for a group of beyond profit chief executives, the topic of the senior leadership teams was discussed and particularly how important it is for a chief executive and an organisation’s success that it attracts good people. This is of course even more important in a sector that builds and invests in society’s human capital.
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