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As the voluntary sector continues to be financially challenged, HR departments need to find innovative ways to grow and retain exceptional talent.
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Career Progression… in the not for profit sector

Professionals working in the not for profit sector spend a great deal of time talking investment; return on investment, social investment, financial investment… But how often do we talk about investing in our own people, or discussing the tools they need to develop in their careers and play a bigger role in civil society?
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Our CEO, David Gold, was published in the most recent issue of Philanthropy Impact in his response to an article on “Have I really funded ground to air missiles?” - which questioned the financial responsibility of a donor’s contribution to a charity project, when the country that benefited from the donation prioritises defence spending
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When it comes to recruiting new members of staff, have you considered the benefits of targeting the ranks of Service leavers? This is a particularly pertinent question at the moment, with the wave of mass redundancies currently sweeping our Armed Forces. When it comes to hiring new staff for your business – at whatever level and whatever the skills requirement – the Forces’ loss could be your gain!
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Despite the widespread use of social media and the internet, attracting candidates is still an expensive exercise, representing a significant investment of your time, money and resources.
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