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| Posted by: Jeni Syckelmoore

We are proud to be a B Corp

Prospectus is proud to be a certified B Corp since 2015. The B-Corp movement in the UK is an exciting, growing and engaged network of organisations using business for good
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| Posted by: Jeni Syckelmoore

What is it like to be a Young Trustee?

Good governance helps to make organisations truly exceptional. Having a board with the right talent, diversity of skills, experience and perspective is essential to making good governance a reality.
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| Posted by: Jeni Syckelmoore

What is it like to be a volunteer?

Volunteering can be both rewarding and provide great learning. Whether you volunteer to gain some work experience in the sector or you want to support a cause you are passionate about, it can be a positive and enriching experience.
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Google Hire has recently launched in the US and at some point in the near future it will launch in the UK.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

When looking for a new Chief Executive, how do you get it right?

Hiring the right Chief Executive is critical for any organisation’s ongoing success and impact, and it is one of the most important duties of a Board.
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