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| Posted by: Liri Ahmeti

My experience as a Prospectus Trainee

I have grown in confidence and feel increasingly comfortable in my role as a specialist consultant for the charity sector.
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| Posted by: Tia Battick

Experiences of a Prospectus Trainee

It’s amazing where your career can go when you join a Trainee Programme. I joined Prospectus as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant a year and 9 months ago and it is a decision I do not regret.
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| Posted by: Tristan Shirley

Recruiting digital talent – overcoming the challenges

Over the past 18 months we have noticed the rise in articles about the lack of digital skills in the sector – you see it reflected in conference programmes, one-off events and in sector news, as well as the Charity Digital Skills report offering a more granular level of detail on the state of the sector on digital.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

Trust, Learn and Achieve Impact

Trust, Learn and Achieve Impact A conversation with Matt Stevenson-Dodd
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If you have the ambition to step up and grow your fundraising career, here are some areas you might focus on to combine with that drive for success.
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