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Our Commitment

At Prospectus, we are and always have been committed to social justice and inclusion, this underpins our core values as a leading recruitment business, we always look to support our clients in building more inclusive organisations and all our candidates to develop their careers.

We stand in solidarity with all black and ethnic minority people in the UK and globally and all those currently engaged in fighting for a more just and equitable world, to overcome systemic and individual racism.

This is something we all need to engage with, it’s not for black and ethnic minority individuals alone to carry. White people must recognise that staying silent is part of the problem and means we are not achieving the equality everyone deserves.

What will you see from us? We will continue to work collaboratively with our client and candidate community to build inclusive organisations, we will continue to support careers, and we will never shy away from the difficult but necessary conversations around building a diverse workforce. We will continue to learn, develop and share our progress, and we whole heartedly commit to being part of the solution.

We are a B-Corp and will continue to be a force for good.